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Room cleaning guide for housekeepers  

Housekeepers play a great role in maintaining the entire home, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other household services. A housekeeper should know how to clean up, how to dispose of wastes, vacuuming. Once a housekeeper is unavailable or in long-term leave, your house will deal with extreme conditions of dirt, smudges, bacterial growth, unpleasant smells and accumulation of various deposits. In those situations, your housekeeper may refuse to do the works you allocated or they may fall sick and failed to complete the tasks. In that case, you can call any housekeeping services or end of tenancy cleaning team in London and get their help to clean your place.

Guidance for a housekeeper for room cleaning

 Remove all Rubbish

 Rubbish makes some bad Oder and gives a bad experience while entering the room.  Remove all dust and used items like a water bottle, cups, tea bags, food items, etc and keep them on the pantry. Take away all the rubbish and wrap it in the rubbish bag Now empty the laundry bag, ashtray, trash bag, bathroom wastes like used soap, shampoo wraps and napkin box

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Make sure all disposal is left aside. With the help of lukewarm and sponge clean all items and let it dry. For spotless clean use some chemical-free solutions.

Remove used clothing

Remove all the towels bed sheets blankets and guest clothing put in the pantry. Keep noticing the lost and left items and make information to the concern persons Once again recheck for any cloths are found behind the chair or under the tables. Don’t use the towels provides for guests to cleaning.  while for laundry make a notice for stains presence and recheck the same cloth after you receive from the laundry service.

Take cleaning equipment out

Collect all cleaning solutions and cleaning equipment with you after cleaning Don’t let any used trays or plates near the room or in front of the elevator. keep washing the tools after every usage.

Take an inspection on the balcony 

Take extra care to clean your balcony check for any specks of dust or rubbish leftover by the visitors. If any food items or ripped fruit left over the balcony by the guests make the room to smell like anything. If you found anything like that throughout immediately and spray some room perfume. Clean the balcony, windows twice and make it spotlessly clean

Mopping  the floor

The last process is mopping. With the help of a floor cleaning solution mop the floor twice and let it dry.

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Additional things to take care for housekeeping
  • Always use a checklist for cleaning the room
  • Don’t forget to keep ” does not disturb signboard”
  • Make the sofas and beds Clean and perfect
  • Clean all furniture and wall frames with a clean damp cloth.
  • Tuck the bed sheets and comforter together for the pleasant sleep
  • Arrange the wardrobe and fold the towels with welcome notice
  • Use hand gloves to remove the rubbish for your safety
  • Set room curtains and screens
  • Replace all necessary amenities for guests like milk powder, tea bags, some magazine, etc
  • Keep bathroom amenities like shower gel, body wash,  shower cap, shampoo, bath towel and oils
  • The last process performing the room with some essential sprays, for the lively environment.


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