5 tyes of locks

Best 5 Types of Locks for UPVC Door

UPVC stands for ultra-high-density polyvinyl chloride which is a type of plastic. This high-density plastic is currently used in the manufacture of building components that are capable of resisting the extremes of weather. They include window frames, fascia boards, drainage pipes and stylish doors. There are a number of locks that can be used on UPVC doors. Below is a list of locks and a brief description of how they work.

upvc door locks

  1. Deadbolt locks

These are the oldest type of lock second only to padlocks. This type of lock needs a key for them to open from the outside. The opening mechanism on the inside is usually a thumb turn. There are variations of the deadbolt with some requiring keys to open from either side of the door. Jimmy Proof deadbolt is a variation which has become quite popular in apartments and is essentially a surface mounted lock. All deadbolt types can be used with UPVC doors.

  1. Knob locks

These locks feature a round knob which functions as the grip to turn the handle and as the housing containing the spring locking mechanism. The key that opens and closes the lock is inserted at the end of the knob. Due to their lower security level, these locks are mainly used in the interior doors of a house. However, they can be used on a UPVC door when combined with another lock of greater security.

  1. Lever Handle Locks

These locks are similar in construction to knob locks with the exception of a lever extending to the side. They are also mainly used on interior UPVC doors but can be used on the main door when in combination with more secure locks.

  1. T-Handle locks

This lock is more commonly known as a vending lock. This is because their main use has been on vending machines. The lock consists of cat-shaped housing that contains the spring locking mechanism. Thus the key is inserted at the top of the T. The extensions on the sides forming the t-shape offer the needed grip to turn the lock.

  1. Mortise/rim cylinder locks

These locks are more secure than deadbolts in that the key mechanism is separate from the locking mechanism. A tailpiece extending from the key mechanism to the locking mechanism allows the two parts of the lock to operate as one. These locks can also be used with UPVC doors.

Types of upvc door locks

  1. Digital Lock

Digital locks use various mechanisms to verify the credentials of the person accessing the lock. Those digital locks with a keypad make use of a digital pin to open once they lock automatically. Those with a fingerprint scanner make use of a person’s fingerprints to open the lock after they also lock automatically. Other digital locks have a magnetic strip reader and require a card with an encoded magnetic strip to open. All digital locks can be used with UPVC doors.

  1. Smart locks

These are a type of digital lock that is based on smartphone technology. They are opened and closed from a native app on the home owner’s smartphone. They too can be used with UPVC doors. Are you looking for UPVC lock repair Bristol.

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