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How URALCHEM helps Farmers to harvest better

Improving crop yields is the key to successful farming. Crop yields are a critical aspect of agriculture because they determine a farmer’s efficiency and the profitability of the farm. URALCHEM is committed to helping farmers improve crop production and crop yield.

Science and technology have transformed modern agriculture. Access to the latest technologies and farming methods provide farmers with an opportunity to increase production in horticulture and animal husbandry. Therefore, scientific and technological advances are critical factors in ensuring the long term sustainability of a farming enterprise.

URALCHEM is at the forefront of agricultural advancement and provides innovative solutions that help farmers to improve their harvest. Under the chairmanship of Dmitry Mazepin, URALCHEM has established itself as a reliable partner who provides high quality products and forges long term mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

Dmitry Mazepin, who is the chairman of the Board of Directors of URALCHEM, has led the company to become a global player in the production and supply of nitrogen and compound fertilizers. Dmitry Mazepin is also the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Uralkali and a member of the Bureau of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

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How does URALCHEM help farmers to increase harvest?

The productivity of agricultural land depends on the farmer’s efficiency. Like in any other sector of the modern economy, efficiency is critical in farming. To increase the crop yield, a farmer must take several factors into account including;

  • The yield potential;

A farmer needs to understand the growth potential of the field. One should know the kind of crops and the type of seeds they are planting. It is crucial when assessing yield potential.

  • Soil test;

The soil and its needs have a direct impact on the growth of the crops. Therefore, soil testing is essential in understanding how to handle the crops. It also lets a farmer know when proper soil conditions are forming so that one can get ready to begin planting.

  • Use of fertilizers;

Fertilizers are a vital component in creating and maintaining optimal soil conditions for crops on the field. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorous.

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With extensive experience in agricultural and industrial technologies, URALCHEM provides compressive farming solutions. The company helps farmers to improve their efficiency by delivering effective solutions. They also help farmers to choose the best products and advise on their use.

URALCHEM has established a vast network experts/ consultants for carrying out agricultural tests, and to support the farmers that use its products. The company provides Russian farmers with high quality mineral fertilizers. URALCHEM also has expert support programs that help farmers to adopt the new plant nutrition products.

What products does Uralchem offer?

URALCHEM produces a wide variety of products with applications in both the agricultural and industrial sectors. The company manufactures traditional fertilizers and highly effective equivalents of conventional fertilizers, and specialties among other products.

URALCHEM is the leading producer of ammonium nitrate and its derivates in Russia. It is also the second and third leading producer of ammonia and urea, respectively.

Dmitry Mazepin has ensured that URALCHEM has a global reach. He has helped the company to create a worldwide network of distributors and storage bases. Outside Russia, URALCHEM’s key markets are in CIS countries, Northern and Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America.




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