Benefits Of Having A Move Coordinator

Are you relocating soon or are you a business that would love to find a more suitable location so that you can carry out your business smoothly? Well, you will need a man and van service company to help you. Often, mere man and van services may not be enough; you may need a move coordinator to help you relocate more easily. Below are some of the benefits you are likely to encounter when you have a move coordinator.


Working with many people may not be easy. This is because when something happens, you will not know who to go to. But when you have a move coordinator, you have someone answerable to all your inquiries when something happens.

For example, during packaging, your move coordinator will ensure that each item is packed correctly and if at all there will be any damage or missing item, the move coordinator will be the first person to approach to give you a clarification of where the missing items are or what happened to the damaged items.


Move coordinators are the people to conduct the entire moving process. So, he is the one who is to submit to you every process, what needs to be done among others. He will be around at all times to ensure that the process moves on smoothly.

Any time you need any clarification, your move coordinator will always be available to provide you with the information. You don’t need to contact the company on any information, hence this saves time.

Keeps the Workers on toes;

Working without a coordinator is stressful. You will have to keep shouting orders to nearly everyone to work and complete the work in time. This is because some workers cannot work under minimal or no supervision – they need to be pushed to keep going.

Tons of man and van companies’ rates are charged hourly. Imagine a scenario where work that was to be completed in three or four hours takes eight hours. It means you will spend more money to pay the company because most of them have hourly rates.


People working in a group may be difficult to trust compared to one person. Trusting many people may be testing waters because one or two may be loyal while the rest may have ill intentions. One person on the other hand could be worth trusting.

One person finds it difficult to be untrustworthy because he or she know hewill be accountable for any mess that will occur. That is why when you are looking for a man and van company, request them if they could offer you a move coordinator to help you carry out the process much faster.

Saves you time;

Rather than instructing the workforce to do this and that, the move coordinator will divide the work to each person such that the work is distributed to each person accordingly. In addition, the coordinator knows the expertise of every worker he or she has in his or her team. Therefore, he will allocate the tasks according to their levels of expertise.

When this is done, a lot of time will be saved compared to when you decided to keep quiet and never to request a move coordinator. It is advisable to request for move coordinators to avoid misunderstandings that may lead to poor relationship between you and the man and van company. A contract relationship should end in a win-win situation.


This means that he is available at any time you need his clarification on issues. There is always the need to get first-hand information. Information passed from one person to another is usually distorted and may not help you.

With a move coordinator, you are assured of firsthand information because he or she is trained to do the job. He knows every detail about the company and can be answerable to any questions you ask him. This is why a move coordinator is not just a worker, he is an experienced and well-informed employee of the company.

Quick Decision Making;

You are not an expert and therefore you need an expert to help you make wise decisions. In as much as you can know a lot of things, you may lack some vital information that may hinder you from making a quick decision. This is where a move coordinator will assist you.

Due to his expertise, he is able to know where the problem lies and what solutions are best suited to solve the underlying problems. Don’t assume you know because a move coordinator is trained to do that service.

With all those benefits clarified above, you should request for a move coordinator next time you are hiring a man and van company to experience the best services ever. Don’t assume or think that it would be costly doing so. Here at Big Yellow Express, we’re always ready to offer you a move coordinator at no extra cost, i.e. with all the services included in the final fee.


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